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18 de April de 2017
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19 de September de 2017
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ApPa CREATE in the Bibliolab project

logo ApPa COLOR rodona blavaIn November 2017 we start the family sessions of ApPa CREATE within the framework of the Bibliolab project of the Municipal Libraries Network of the Barcelona Provincial Council.

In the ApPa CREATE sessions, where there is room for families with children from 4 to 7 years old, the participants will create their own story through the creation of characters, sounds, stories and choreographies.

During the workshop, technological tools (ICT) and audiovisual language will be used as a means of communication for recording, listening and speaking. With the creation of different stories and narratives, you will enjoy the pleasure of creating imaginary worlds through words and images.

ApPis an educational program for Learning to Program and Programming to Learn, which helps show adults, responsible for the education of children, that they too can do it. Thereby, getting started in programming turns out to be simple, attractive and easy.

Since 2013 DUNA has been working, through the ApPa project with robotics for educational environments, promoting and training, in its programming and execution part, in tools and learning for various collectives and professionals.

Please find more information here.

The "Diputació de Barcelona" is an institution of local government that promotes the progress and well-being of citizens in its territorial area: the province of Barcelona. It acts directly by providing services and, above all, in cooperation with local councils. From DUNA we participate in the Bibliolab project within the actions of the Diputació.