“JANÉ Educa” Educational programme
10 de November de 2017
11th edition of the “Youth and Mobility” Contest
11 de December de 2017
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Mou-te bé! in partnership with RACC Foundation

Mou-te bé! is the new activity created by DUNA, part of the RACC Foundation‘s educational program.

This activity consists of the reproduction of a peaceful urban space – a Zone 30 – in which the participants – boys and girls between 8 and 16 years old – have to make different displacements in various ways of moving: on foot, by bicycle, electric bicycle, scooter, skateboard and electric platforms, so that they can practice coexistence in common spaces as well as in segregated spaces for different uses.

The activity is preceded by a brief theoretical reflection and a presentation of the regulations referred to, and ends with an evaluation-reflection and a conclusion. With this activity, the RACC works with the values of coexistence, civics and safe and responsible mobility in the city.

More information here.

From the creation in 1994 of the Foundation RACC, education and training in safety and mobility has been one of the most imprtant areas of its activity. since the beginning, DUNA has been responsible of the creation, management and dissemination of all their educational actions for schools. DUNA advises continuously to the Foundation RACC in educational matters.