“Educate, Stick and Fly” of PRITT
20 de May de 2016
I edition of the contest “Gazteak eta gidatzea”
19 de September de 2016
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“The train of education” of FGC

“The train of education” is the teaching program of the Generalitat of Catalonia railway company. This program has the objective of raise awareness and educate young people in knowledge, operation and management of sustainable transport, mobility and respect for the environment in which we live and to share the evolution and history of the train. All this is achived through a group of pedagogical activities classified in six different itineraries. From DUNA, we have developed an audiovisual educational resource for the activity of itinerary 1: “Come to the funicular de Vallvidrera”.
FGC is the company that manages the Ferrocarrils de Catalunya (a train company) . Since 2004, FGC trusted in DUNA the development of its educational program "El Tren de l'ensenyament". Together have given shape to the activities and created educational materials. Since then, DUNA continues supporting new content genertion for the project.