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4 de November de 2015
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9th edition of the contest “Young people and driving”

On December 10th, the 9th edition of the contest “Young people and driving”. In this competition, linked to the educational project “Youth and driving, a right and a responsibility”, 14 to 18 year olds young can give their own vision of road safety through stories, pictures and videos. We invite you to visit the website of the competition: www.jovesiconducció.cat and explore the works submitted. “Young people and driving” is an educational program of the RACC Foundation, managed by DUNA, which focus in to promote attitudes that promote responsible driving among young people.

From the creation in 1994 of the Foundation RACC, education and training in safety and mobility has been one of the most imprtant areas of its activity. since the beginning, DUNA has been responsible of the creation, management and dissemination of all their educational actions for schools. DUNA advises continuously to the Foundation RACC in educational matters.