From DUNA we have attended the conference “ARA ÉS DEMÀ” NOW IS TOMORROW (Debate on the future of education in Catalonia), held in the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona. In a total of four days, the themes of the lectures have been approached from an international perspective and from the educational centres throughout the territory that develop innovative initiatives.

The “Consell Escolar de Catalunya” – School Council of Catalonia -, is the entity responsible for articulating this project with the aim of reflecting on educational policies to advance in quality and equity and promote the success of all students. The name of the project as “Ara és demà” has been inspired by the poet Miquel Martí Pol’s verses, which help to understand the profound meaning of this reflection on the challenges to be faced in the future.

The debate is open to the online participation of the entire educational community (teachers, students, families, institutions, etc.) and has been organized into five axes (students, teachers, the educational centre, the architecture of the system and the education system).

The contributions arising from this process will be collected in a final report that will be delivered to the Department of Education, which commissioned its implementation in order to respond to the main challenges for the future of the education system in Catalonia.

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