Isabel Maestre
Founder and Director

Entrepreneur, even before this word was in fashion and educator from head to toe. Always in a good mood, her passion leads her to research to improve and innovate every day.

Lara Capella
Project Coordinator

Pedagogue and tireless worker. Her desire to learn, build and improve makes her mind never stop. Born in and for the world of education, she always looks for advancement.

Chiara Rotolo
Communication area

Communicator and art historian involved in the field of education. She has always been driven by the aim to document and to participate in the development and management of new projects.

Leticia Bernad
Activities Coordinator
School teacher and ASCT. Always with a big smile, she thinks that the best tool for life and education are experiences and she deeply believes more in the process than in the results.
Montse Mata
Activities Coordinator
Chemist and environmental educator. She comes from the scientific branch and strongly advocate belives in non-formal education. She has thousand projects in her mind that makes her full of energy.
Joel A. Ciruelos
Activities coordinator
Convinced educationalist and great connoisseur of new technologies and robotics. He wishes to make the world a better place to live, and believes that only with new learnings we will achieve it.
Marta Solé Miralles
Activities coordinator
Teacher and educator by vocation. Teaching is her virtue, and participation, respect and trust her methodologies. Always ready to innovate and create learning environments.
Marina López
Activities coordinator
Ambientologist and vocational educator. She pursues the best way to raise awareness of the environment, and knows that knowledge and adventure are an essential part of teaching and education.
Belén Medina
Psychopedagogical practices
Primary school teacher who deeply enjoys her profession day by day and believes that learning is a basic right of childhood and represents the first essential step in life travel.
Xavier Jacobo
Psychopedagogical practices
Psychologist passionate about education and new technologies. He is certain that education is and always will be the main engine of construction and changes aimed at improving the world.